my brother Peter was accepted in the Psychotherapy Undergraduate program. He was the 1st of 230 applicants to be accepted in the Psychotherapy Undergraduate program beginning sometime in October. They were supposed to contact applicants in August to let them know but they already gave him the news! I am so very proud of him! Can someone please guide me towards the intro courses that he will be doing in this program and the textbooks (preferably used) that I can buy for him to help support him? He hopes to finish it in less than one year so I might consider buying all the books for him asap.



Hello Nicolas,
We do not have any information about the psychotherapy program.  Maybe you want to direct your questions to the inmediate department of the program (psychology department?) as no other department/association would have reliable information to provide to you. It is just not their area of expertise.

Here is the link:
Regards and good luck!
Concordia Student Association

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Do any programs in psychotherapy (undegraduate) begin in October?
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Undergraduate Psychotherapy questions

Hey guys,

Here’s my brothers story: He applied to undergraduate psychotherapy in Concordia before this June

He was informed of entry pending interview around june 3rd.

After the interview around June 20th he was top pick among 246 applicants. Acceptances to be announced in August but he was told June 30th.

He is scheduled to begin his program in October.

It’s a 1 year program (Undergraduate Psychotherapy) that he I tends to rush to finish in 8 months.

Being a Concordia graduate myself I cannot find any sign of any program that matches his story.

Can you guys please help me figure this out?


folktronic  Alumnus·7 hours agoPrograms don’t begin in October – they’re generally September entry. I believe Continuing Education is also in September. There may be private institutions offering 1 year degrees but most that I know of are 2-3 years.  Rather than ask on subreddits, confront your brother.
kazem7  ·2 days ago  I don’t believe Concordia offers such program. He might be talking about one of these programs:
Pickle1996 ·2 days ago  Didn’t you just post this in the McGill’s page?
RussellJ79  2 days ago  Yeah in case there are programs in mcgill that fit the description.
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Undergraduate Psychotherapy

beebop222222  ·3 days ago …so your brother is a liar or delusional? Why not ask to see some emails/etc from the school?
RussellJ79  ·3 days ago·I just want a second opinion. I saw there is a life coach certification offered by Concordia. Could he be doing that and lying about it being Psychotherapy?
folktronicLaw’d ’13  ·1 day ago  The life coach program is offered through Concordia’s Applied Human Sciences department. While undergraduate in level, it requires quite a bit of experience to actually get accepted to.
RussellJ79  ·1 day ago   Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t find the life coach program through applied human sciences. Only a 30 credit family life education. These also seem to start on the same dates as fall courses (sept) can you please point me to the right direction?
folktronic  Law’d ’13  8 hours ago  Sorry, I was on my phone last time. Life coach program  It’s NOT psychotherapy. It’s also now offered through Continuing Education, which is not undergraduate.
fossickedGONE WEST ·3 days ago  Never heard of a one year bachelor’s program lol
RussellJ79 ·3 days ago  Me neither. Even an 18 or 24 credit minor would need to be paired with a major, right?
fossicked GONE WEST 2 days ago·Yeah no where in the US/canada/UK... and even certificates/college degrees are usually two years
mcgillstudent123456 3 days ago He’s lying. Call him out
Unspool 3 days ago I’ve never heard of a bachelor in Psychotherapy at McGill. It’s at the very least a Masters or PhD level program. Which means you would need a bachelor at least to apply.  There’s definitely no such thing as a 1-year bachelor program. I’m pretty sure McGill requires all bachelor students take 120 credits (up to 60 of which can be transfer credits from CEGEP or elsewhere). That means minimum of 2 years. There’s no evidence of any program at any level actually called “psychotherapy” either.  This is some combination of: a lie, a misrepresentation, ignorance.

Anything you would do in 1 year at McGill is a certificate program. There aren’t many of those at McGill and I had a vague suspicion that you needed a bachelor degree to do most of them (could be wrong).

Excllencepersonified  ·2 days ago·Psycotherapy is performed by either clinical psychology PHD’s or psychiatry MD’s. Both requiring bachelors and lots of graduate schooling and exams.  I think your brother is lying.
RussellJ79  ·2 days ago  Thank you for the info!
Impaired_Albatross ·2 days ago  I’m sorry, but it seems your brother is lying/confused/lost. Psychotherapy is a clinical domain that is subject matter in several fields, including Psychology, Psychiatry (post-graduate medicine) and Counselling, but there isn’t a Psychotherapy ‘program’ per se. You’d assume if he were top pick that he would know which program he is actually applying to.
EthanJJ Psychology ’14 ·1 day ago  Psychotherapy would be under the domain of clinical psychology or counselling psychology in faculty of science or faculty of education respectively but they are both at the graduate level. There is no undergraduate program that offers that here at McGill.
Maybe it’s this?
Comments from conversations with members of my school board:
“sounds fishy”
“maybe it’s NLP or another program? Why would he lie about it? “
“make sure you ask for his certification before you bring his name forward to the board otherwise it’s your reputation, Nick, that will be on the line.”

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